Why I Train My Dog

Ann with her dogs (L-R) Aidan, Doodle, & Lacy. Photo by Wendy Keighley, CFF Member

by Ann Holder, First Florida Freestylers Guild

I train my dog because I want a well-mannered pet that can go places with me and behave in a predictably acceptable way around unfamiliar people and animals. Training my pet offers mental stimulation for my dog and develops a better line of communication between us. When we are on the same wavelength, it builds a strong bond between us. The bond is mutual love, respect and understanding which brings joy to our relationship when we work together to achieve a goal.  I love to capture and be a part of the curiosity and natural interest in learning new things that dog’s possess.  It allows my curiosity and imagination to run wild and experiment with new tasks and new movements for the dog to engage in.  The dog in turn gives me unconditional love and a willingness to play and grow with me.  The physical exercise we both get helps to keep us in good working condition.  The time we spend together is not a chore.  It is our choice to be together, encourage and support each other and come together at the end of each day to relax with each other, share a memory, and look forward to tomorrow.

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