CCW Classes and Judgmental Training

Personal Protection Skills

Safeway Academy strives to teach individuals, groups and organizations the skills necessary to protect themselves and others during dangerous and potentially life threatening situations. To do this we offer a variety of courses and instruction taught by experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Gun Safety and Concealed Weapons Classes

At Safeway Academy, we do not take the safety issues regarding firearms lightly. We have developed an educational program that far exceeds the minimum requirements taught by most firearms instructors in order to obtain a concealed carry license.

Safeway instructors possess extensive strategic and tactical training and offer courses to help clients individuals develop the skills needed to avoid confrontation and, if necessary, to legally “Stand Your Ground” for protection in the home, on the street, or at any public venue where it is legal to carry concealed weapons.

We are very concerned about the increasing number of individuals who have enrolled for NRA teaching certification status and then offer a minimal amount of time teaching consumers the fundamentals of firearms safety and use and regulations related to a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) licensing. At Safeway Academy, we strive to deliver the most comprehensive curriculum possible to thoroughly prepare our students in the safe handling and concealed carry of firearms.

Competitive Shooting

The simulator offers dozens of static and moving target drills that cannot be easily replicated on a live-fire shooting range. Students will enjoy the challenge and excitement of firing the simulated pistols at moving targets of all shapes, sizes, colors and configurations all while improving shooting accuracy and reaction time.

The simulator also provides a competitive module used by both amateur and professional sport shooters and marksmen to hone and maintain the highest possible skill level. Champion Shooters/World Record holders Max Michel and Jerry Miculek both use the LaserShot™ simulator for competitive practice.

Judgmental and Situational Defense Training

Safeway Academy will immerse the student into hundreds of real life video scenarios creating the most realistic split second shoot/don’t shoot encounters possible. Additionally, our highly accredited NRA and law enforcement instructors will work with the student on a one-on-one basis to insure the most successful outcome and understanding of the best practices related to the defensive use of a firearm. We will challenge each student to fine tune shooting accuracy, increase reaction speed and develop muscle memory required for personal protection and competitive reactionary events.  

Non Firearms Training

We understand that not everyone is able or wants to carry a gun and at Safeway we offer training in situational awareness, how to avoid danger and the use of non firearm protection such as pepper spray guns. 

Along with our defense training we also conduct classes on CPR and and trauma first aid. It is our belief that if you are going to be in environments with gun and fellow shooters, such as hunting and gun ranges, you should be prepared in case of an accident. 

This type of training would  be vital for security teams or those involved in a live shooter incident. During traumatic injury being prepared can make the difference between life and death.

When seconds count will you know how to react?

Law Enforcement Training

Safeway Academy understands the need law enforcement agencies have for advanced training facilities and would like to offer LEOs a special rate to train on the simulator.This can be on an individual level or as a team training with their own law enforcement agency trainers. Call us to learn more and schedule a time to experience the simulator.

The LaserShot™ simulator has the capability to uploaded with law enforcement training programs allowing state of the art training at the convenience of the agency in a private setting. No information is ever stored on our equipment and security pass keys can be issued to create a 24 hour window of access to the facility. 

For individual officers, this offers a way to hone their marksmanship without having to travel to the range or purchase ammo. Officers may even use their own guns (without ammo) specially fitted with the technology for the simulator. This gives the most realistic training in serious judgmental defense situations or on our target marksmanship programs.

Law enforcement officers lives and those of the people they serve depend on split second judgement and accurate marksmanship. It is our hope that we can serve to help save lives by providing a secure, advanced, low cost and convenient training environment for all law enforcement agencies.