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Back It Up – Teach Your Dog to Back

Sally and Fli
By Sally Gordon First Florida Freestylers Guild Fli in a narrow "hallway" Teach your dog to back up without luring, physically touching or putting pressure in his space. All you need is a dog “hallway”. I taught my 2-year-old border collie Fli how to back up when he was 7 months old using this method.…
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Enrich Your DogWork in Surprising Ways!

Trish Koontz and Boone
Photo: Trish Koontz
Trish Koontz, Carolina Canine Freestyle Guild What is this thing about RHYTHM that's so important to our sport? Hmmm... Try to really soften your focus while you watch this video. Use all of your senses to see, hear, feel, taste, smell the rhythms! How many meshing rhythms can you perceive with ALL of your senses?…
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Why I Train My Dog

Ann with her dogs (L-R) Aidan, Doodle, & Lacy. Photo by Wendy Keighley, CFF Member
by Ann Holder, First Florida Freestylers Guild I train my dog because I want a well-mannered pet that can go places with me and behave in a predictably acceptable way around unfamiliar people and animals. Training my pet offers mental stimulation for my dog and develops a better line of communication between us. When we…
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Using Targeting for Backing and Laterals

Shari & Jace
by Shari (Carolina Canine Freestyle Guild, NC) Primarily I use capturing and free-shaping for teaching Jace’s freestyle behaviors. However, with backing and lateral movements Jace often offers these behaviors with such enthusiasm that he ends up going every which way. I am having difficulty getting him to perform these movements consistently and in one of…
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