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Nourishing the Freestyle Relationship

by Ann Holder Many of you who have been working with your freestyle dog for years have been highly successful and made good progress in attaining your goals. Then the unexpected happens as it did to me this year. I proceeded to work my dogs on their freestyle routines in preparation for the Florida trial.…
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Photo: Dog Sport Photographer
Joan Tennille CanineFreestyle DogWork® trains movement not steps or exercises.  Each team creates their own Movement vocabulary based on the dog’s and human’s natural movement.  Movement vocabularies continue to grow by the addition of movement combinations discovered through improvisations.  Improvisations are key to: Finalizing and understanding creative and artistic concepts and their relationship to training…
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Back It Up – Teach Your Dog to Back

Sally and Fli
By Sally Gordon First Florida Freestylers Guild Fli in a narrow "hallway" Teach your dog to back up without luring, physically touching or putting pressure in his space. All you need is a dog “hallway”. I taught my 2-year-old border collie Fli how to back up when he was 7 months old using this method.…
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First Florida Freestylers Guild

by Wendy Keighley and Labrador Lark Hello friends, both human and canine. In the United States there is only one town named Cocoa. One story says that the mail used to come by river boat on the Indian River and was placed in an empty tin box labeled Baker's Cocoa. The box was nailed to…
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