Rosie’s World

by Rosie, the Beagle (First Florida Freestylers Guild, FL)

Wow, this is my first article as an official blogger. I did some research by reading the newspaper that mom put in the bottom of my crate (I’m a big girl now so I don’t pee on it anymore). All the writers who had bylines had their picture with the article so I wanted one to go with mine. Do you like my picture? This is the one that is part of my official medical record at the vet and I asked Dr. Kim if I could use it. I think the pictures are necessary to prevent “medical errors.” The vet can look at the picture in the chart and double check that it’s the same dog that’s knocked out on the operating table. Mom says it also prevents billing mistakes – she looks at the final total and then checks the picture. I heard her say several times, “Unfortunately, that’s you, Rosie.” But something bothers me with these pictures. My picture is beautiful because I’m so distinctive but how can you tell the difference between black labs or white Sammys. I have no problem telling one from another – but I have to sniff the butt first. The head ends all look the same.

Well, that’s it from Rosie’s World. See you all next time.

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