Cinda & Bandit at a Titling Event
Photo: Dog Sport Photographers

by Cinda (Sirius Guild, VA)

Welcome to our Federation Blog Page

A place to share with one another our knowledge, experiences, and stories and why we are so passionate about this wonderful sport we call canine freestyle; to inspire one another with new or creative ideas; and to feel connected with one another across the miles. Through this page we also hope to make new friends with those who are not yet members but who are curious about who we are and what we do and we invite you to check us out – you will like what you see.

Federation members: This is your page to express yourself. So send us your snippets, your anecdotes, your tales; enlighten us with the benefit of your training experiences, challenge us to try something new, share with us why you love freestyle, tell us about what is happening at your end of the world.  Submissions can be short and sweet and informal. Humor is especially welcomed as are your captioned photos.

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