Inspiration to Celebration—A View Changing Workshop

Kristen Sicotte and CanineFreestyle Dog Meadowlake Cooper Can Dance
Photo: North Star Notes Guild Member

by Dee Wallis, Carolina Canine Freestyle Guild

Kristin Sicotte gave Freestylers an Inspiration to Celebration that had the participants working hard with their dogs and thinking of new ways to pull it all together.  The occasion was a two day workshop organized by the Carolina Guild at the Winston Salem Dog Training Club in July 2015.  Kristin showed us how to use creative studies and improvisations to build phrases and craft choreography. We had to bring our true selves to the task of creating something real and beautiful with our dogs.

From my notes, her theme was: Motivation is the push; Inspiration is the pull; Creativity is the problem solving.

I asked each participant in the seminar to give me a short “take-away” or impression from the seminar that I could compile and share with our fellow Federation members on our website.

Some things participants learned:

There must be trust between dog and handler for creative movement. @Carol;

Learning how to get out of my head and into my heart. @Beryl;

Keep it simple; keep it clean; keep it clear. @Shari Bryant;

Inspiration can be the light bulb ‘Aha’ moment or the next step in a long journey to a goal -- Either a quick tug or a steady pull.  As a relative newcomer to freestyle, I struggle with artistic concepts.  This weekend has pulled the curtain back a little more to reveal some additional insight into how to find the options available to me and my dog. @Connie, with Yippee;

Today in the seminar I was steeped in What if? I had not realized how many places you can ask that question in Freestyle!  So much growth in the room is mind-boggling, over-whelming at times, but ultimately, so inspiring.  Thanks to the group!! @Trish K;

Loved working from the heart.  Kristin’s emotional opening talk resonated strongly with me.  She communicates beautifully. @Anonymous;

Whether you say you can or whether you say you can’t you’re right. @Julia;

The evaluations of the workshop were enthusiastic.  The warmth and inspiration we shared is hard to describe but will stay with all of us as we continue to work. @Anonymous;

Kristin did a great job of making us feel what Federation Dog work is all about. @Betty & Vickie;

This was my first experience with freestyle and my dog was sick, so I worked with a friend’s dog.  Everyone was understanding, helpful, and patient with my questions and mistakes.  The sense of community and growth was phenomenal!  Can’t wait to get more involved in the sport. @Sierra White;

Kristin’s way of providing feedback is so helpful given with respect and heart. @Barbara Long;

I want to express heartfelt gratitude to Kristin for sharing her gifts and insights with us and especially for taking a big leap of faith on Sunday that created space for magic to happen. @Adele Monroe;

A mind-expanding experience! @Gaea;

This was a sterling example of learning by doing. @Julia.

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