Photo: Dog Sport Photographer

Joan Tennille

CanineFreestyle DogWork® trains movement not steps or exercises.  Each team creates their own Movement vocabulary based on the dog’s and human’s natural movement.  Movement vocabularies continue to grow by the addition of movement combinations discovered through improvisations.  Improvisations are key to:

  1. Finalizing and understanding creative and artistic concepts and their relationship to training technically, artistically and creatively
  1. Crafting choreography with relationships to space, time and energy for judgements
  2. Expressing movement conceptually using movement as a medium to clarifyintents, inspirations and motivations to make movement talk and to involve spectators
  1. Test training in 4 areas, technical execution, artistic expression in performance, creative crafting of choreography with music and training in a team relationship.

Movement vocabularies are combinations of movement unique to each team; the movements saved by the team from the improvs each week build larger DogWork teams’ movement vocabularies.  Each movement combination is named, trained and added to the movement vocabulary. The trained executed movements become the raw material for conceptually crafted performance vehicles, the Presentations, DogWork’s competitive tests.

Improvised movement behaviors are organic, natural and team oriented from the opening shape to the closing shape.  Movement combinations flow smoothly and naturally within the framework of the improv.  The team's movement and their working relationship needs no further enhancement; all aspects are present in the original improv.  It has been well documented; human beings have an in innate drive to give form to experience. DogWork improvs are no different.  Concepts and improvs create maps where no maps exist in the Presentation’s empty space.  Improvs express movement naturally with a smooth and even flow each team continually grows and develops as they progress in conceptual learning technically, artistically and creatively.

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