Enrich Your DogWork in Surprising Ways!

Trish Koontz and Boone
Photo: Trish Koontz

Trish Koontz, Carolina Canine Freestyle Guild

What is this thing about RHYTHM that's so important to our sport? Hmmm...
Try to really soften your focus while you watch this video. Use all of your senses to see, hear, feel, taste, smell the rhythms!

How many meshing rhythms can you perceive with ALL of your senses? Watch it again and see if you perceive even more!
How can our perceptions of this video enrich our DogWork?

Can a human and a motorcycle create CHOREOGRAPHY?

Hmmm, did you enjoy the oneness of driver and machine?
The repetition of movements?
The skill and training so breathtakingly evident?
The changes of pace?
The surprise in movement?
The contrasts?
The straight lines juxtaposed against curved lines?
What else?

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