CanineFreestyle Dogwork®

Photo: Dogsport Photographers

by Joan Tennille

CanineFreestyle DogWork® is a discipline in the Sport of Dogs.

    1. Teams train movement in 3 reference positions:
      * Heel and thunder on the right and left sides (see below)
    2. Movement in CanineFreestyle DogWork ® is defined as:
      * The dog's movement enhanced by the human's movement
      * In a team relationship
      * Moving as one a single shape, the team

      Front position

      Front position

    3. In a team relationship to train movement with positive rewards:
      a.  Technical Execution to build a movement vocabulary
      b.  Artistic Expression in performance to clarify intents
      c.  Craft Presentations with music choreographically

      Thunder on right

      Thunder on right

Heel on left

Heel on left









Each team uses similar movement material; however, each team, in performance, artistically expresses their own unique style. Movement is first approached technically as executed material.  Executed movement is the raw material changed conceptually to artistically express an intent.  Expressed intents are language and medium, crafted with imagination, different dogs, different qualities.  Each team's training journey artistically produces different perceptions.  Training is the same but each team is free to choose how best to illustrate her canine partner "in a creative and artistic manner".leejumpter

How, where, when, open creative doors to unlimited choices to show the dog to his best advantage.  Training is designed to approach movement as a team technically, artistically and creatively.  The goal is:

To be the Best of the Best to:

  • train each team to its highest potential technically, artistically and creatively
  • test the team's ability to craft a performance vehicle illustrating training artistically and creatively to fulfill the rules and the Definition of DogWork
  • illustrate the joy of working and training as one
  • artistically express the unique canine-human bond, a relationship developed by training
  • craft unique choreography with music to show the dog to his best

Each team is unique, choosing how they will use creative and artistic skills trained in DogWork classes.  Teams choose material from their trained movement vocabulary to conceptually express movement artistically in performance and to choreograph Presentations with music.  Each presentation artistically expresses:

  • the relationship of training technically, to performing artistically and to choreographing with music creatively.
  • team work by single shapes or designs to express a working team, a single entity, communicating intents and purpose artistically as a non-verbal language and a medium.
  • moving in and through the presentation space, movement shapes rhythmically and dynamically express intents to observing spectators.
  • the joy of training and working as one, a team; each 1/2 of the whole with music to focus and structure Presentations.
  • a training journey, designed to test the team's musicality artistry and creativity to fulfill the rules and definition of DogWork.

Teams train technically, to express the best attributes of the dog "in an artistic and creative manner".  Creatively crafted movement designs/shapes are organized into parts with music choreographically.  The artistic performance of each team is expressed through the shape, rhythm and dynamics of behavioral intents or qualities; the inspiration and reason for the Presentation is the dog and his relationship as a team member.  As each presentation develops with the music, spectators perceive the objective and purpose of the performance and join in celebrating the joy of dog work.
CanineFreestyle DogWork® honors and respects:

  • the composers and the musicians participating in the musical choice.
  • differences and recognizes teams for their invention and imagination.
  • spectators for their wisdom and knowledge
  • DogWork as a celebration and journey.
  • Each dog takes you on a different journey.


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