Personal Protection Training

How We Teach Gun Safety

The Basic Pistol and Concealed Weapons class takes place in our newly built training facility and offers an exceptional combination of classroom and high tech Virtual Live Fire Simulation which was designed specifically to place the student in a series of real life-like danger scenarios. Using the LaserShot™ technology, we can create a virtual experience to challenge the student on how to legally and appropriately react relative to the use of their concealed weapons.  

In the Simulator, the student will experience the pressure of the split second decision making process that occurs in real life when the use of either deadly force or non-lethal weapons must be exercised. The Simulator combined with the Safeway instructors knowledge will teach the student to properly assess the danger and reason through the appropriate reaction as mandated by Florida Law and good common sense.

Each scenario holds a multitude of valuable lessons about the legal, moral and ethical parameters surrounding the use of lethal force in a defensive situation. As the student moves through the various lesson modules, the Safeway instructor will be working with them to analyze each event, moment by moment, and point out possible options to avert the threat or defuse the potentially violent situation.

Priority One: Safety

At Safeway Academy we can’t emphasize the need for safety enough when it comes to the handling and securing of firearms in the home or vehicle during concealed carry. We discuss this topic at great length in our classes and we re-enforce safe practices during our drills and exercises in our virtual simulator and on the live range.

There are two primary causes for firearm mishaps and they are carelessness and ignorance on the part of the owners.

A firearm is a tool for protection which in the wrong hands has the potential to cause a catastrophic outcome. Therefore keeping a firearm in the complete control of it’s owner is a mandate not an option. Safeway Academy has partnered with Project Child Safe to educate its students on best practices for keeping firearms secure. We will be pleased to share additional resources to keep firearms stored safely at all times.

Our NRA Certified Trainers

Micael Dorety
Michael Dorety - Founder

Michael Dorety was introduced to shooting sports at a young age by his father, Jack Dorety, who was ranked as expert on both pistol and rifle in the US Marine Corp. In 2005, Mr. Dorety began shooting again for recreation and eventually became an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor.

Today he holds NRA Certifications in Basic Pistol, Concealed Weapons Carry, In the Home Protection, Out of the Home Protection and is also a NRA Certified Range Officer. Safeway Academy affords Michael the opportunity to combine his long career in successfully building technology businesses and his passion for educating individuals interested in engaging in the use of firearms for protection, recreation or competition.

His primary focus is safe practices and advanced techniques to improve and maintain the highest possible level of proficiency, accuracy and judgmental situational assessment training required for personal protection through the use of firearms and non-lethal weapons.

Michael has spent 35 years in the corporate business world and was involved in numerous start-ups as well as working directly for large telecommunications firms. In 2003 he founded a consulting firm which was responsible for creating strategic partnerships for dozens of Fortune 2000 company’s including AT&T, MCI, SPRINT, Microsoft Amazon, Xerox, Manpower, SalesForce and Apple to name a few.

Tom Cunningham Certified NRA Instructor
Tom Cunningham Certified NRA Instructor

Tom Cunningham is certified at Basic Pistol and Concealed Weapons Carry, is a Certified Range Officer is also a certified LaserShot™ simulator instructor.

His primary focus is of safe practices and advanced techniques to improve and maintain proficiency, accuracy and situational assessment training.

With a varied background he has spent a majority of his time in the field of firearms. He has a great educational background in Industrial Engineering Technology and Precision Machining. 

With work experience at companies such as Fully Loaded Guns & Ammo, J&M Gun Repair and Whiskey Tango Firearms. him is extremely knowledgeable of firearms, the quality of and any malfunctions that could occur.  

Great at suggesting solutions and troubleshooting in all areas and with his vast network of resources he can help you with any firearms related questions.

Safeway Academy is extremely thankful to have someone as skilled as Tom on the team and adding his expertise to the gun safety and situational judgmental training classes.