The Freestyle Challenge

An Invitation to CanineFreestyle DogWork®

To learn CanineFreestyle DogWork® is to engage in conceptual and rote learning.  DogWork is not an imitation of exercises, tricks and/or steps to be trained in a rote manner. CanineFreestyle DogWork®, essentially, trains human and canine teams in four skills using conceptual and rote methodology:

  • Movement, technically executed in 3 reference positions, DogWork's raw material,
  • Performance, expressing movement before observers.
  • Training  dog work in a team relationship
  • Creating choreography with music to showcase training and the resulting relationship

Rote learning is best described as imitation.  The Technical Execution Portion of DogWork  engages each team by imitation. Instructors demonstrate movements and tenn9medcombinations of movements to be executed, by students, for accuracy.  The movements are executed by imitating the instructor's actions.  This is low level learning; not requiring the instructor or student to think.  It's a "do as I do " imitation, a rote methodology.  On the other hand, the Artistic and Creative Portions of training engage the mind conceptually to make choices, solve problems, connect and transition movement phrases, and to choreograph with music for artistic and creative continuity in crafting DogWork Presentations; performed before others to celebrate working and training a dog.

Conceptual learning is similar to playing an improvisational "In the moment" game by learning to make artistic and creative choices, to explore concepts by expressing movement as a language and a medium in an improvisation.    Conceptual learning:

  • Develops creative movement vocabularies, the raw material for DogWork Presentations
  • Builds trusting relationships technically, artistically and creatively
  • Explores movement as a language and a medium through training
  • Internalizes the concept through critical discussions for creative and artistic use
  • Accepts the belief they are one team and cannot see themselves but trusts discussions and observations of the class to grow technically, artistically and creatively.

The key to creating and performing movement is creating a safe place to learn the work.  The fun is learning.

DogWork is:

" show the dog to his best advantage in a creative and artistic manner."

  • Celebrate the joy of training and working a dog
  • It is aJoan and Clariell about the dog
  • Make Movement Talk
  • Share your DogWork journey
  • In the rhythm of my heart.
  • CanineFreestyle DogWork®

Are you up to the Challenge?