Firearms Training

When seconds count how will you react?  

Personal Skills

For individuals, we offer a highly comprehensive concealed weapons class. Unlike other courses ours puts you in real life situations in the virtual simulator so you may receive judgmental defense training and not just target practice on a range.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement groups or individual officers may schedule time in the firearms simulator with their own training modules allowing for intense situational training. This can increase training time while eliminating ammunition cost.

How Our Training is Different

At Safeway Academy, we provide the most comprehensive training in the use of firearms and non-lethal weapons for lawful self-defense and the protection of family and other individuals. This is NOT a video-game or family entertainment center. This is serious judgmental training for personal protection conducted by certified NRA instructors. Our highly accredited NRA and law enforcement instructors will work with the student on a one-on-one basis to insure the most successful outcome and understanding of the best practices related to the defensive use of a firearm.

Safeway Academy has partnered with LaserShot™, the world’s leading provider of virtual simulation training technology for military, law enforcement and concealed carry license training. The first and most important factor is the ability to create a 100% safe environment that requires “no live ammo” without compromising the perceived threat level and the steps necessary to successfully react and survive.

At Safeway, we strongly advocate avoiding a conflict to keep you, your family and others safe from harm. We teach there is no disgrace in taking your loved ones and evacuating your home or any other location to distance yourself from the threat of harm or violence. We also instill in our students that they are not Law Enforcement and should not try to act as such.

With all that said, there may come a time and place where you must defend yourselves, the people you love or another innocent person. At Safeway, we believe with proper training and consistent practice you can and will be prepared if that moment comes. Again, this is not a quick CCW class or a virtual reality game but it is the best way you can train to protect your family and yourself from a violent threat or situation.